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From Chris Nauroth <cnaur...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: ReadOnly WebHDFS
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 17:31:44 GMT
Hello Laxman,

I'm curious how this is a new problem after migration from HttpFs to
WebHDFS.  With the HttpFs deployment architecture, were you somehow
proxying only the read-only operations?

I would think this kind of thing could be achieved by writing a custom
authentication filter, deploying that to the HDFS classpath, and then
pointing to it by setting dfs.web.authentication.filter in hdfs-site.xml
to the full name of that custom authentication filter class.  The logic of
the custom authentication filter would check for only read-only operations
and reject the others.  This is a solution that wouldn't require changes
in WebHDFS itself.

This is not a requirement I've heard from anyone else.  I'm generally
reluctant to add features without a widespread need.  Still, if you want
to file an HDFS JIRA for further discussion of your proposal, there is no
harm in that.  It might end up as a "Won't Fix", or perhaps others in the
community see it differently from me, and we'd want to proceed.

Thanks for sharing the work you've done!

--Chris Nauroth

On 11/6/15, 3:02 AM, "Laxman Ch" <laxman.lux@gmail.com> wrote:

>We run a cluster with security set to simple.
>Also, to some users, we had provided http access to HDFS via HttpFS
>However, this is not scaling and we are suffering from HttpFs gateway
>choking problem. So, we wanted to enable WebHDFS directly on hadoop. But
>this brings in the problem of security. Any user can simply delete
>anything. And, we can't enable immediately enable kerberos security in
>How about introducing a configuration to make WebHDFS readonly?
>We patched this in our clusters cleanly and its working.
>Please revert with your comments if its a good idea to push this to
>If yes, I will create a jira and submit patch.

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