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From Jun Ping Du <...@vmware.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Merge HDFS-5535 Rolling Upgrade Improvement
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2014 02:11:09 GMT
+1 for merging. IMO, Rolling Upgrade is a significant feature for 0 downtime HDFS. The reminding
work looks reasonable to me. Thanks Nicholas and all for hard working on this!
CC to yarn-dev, look forward to see YARN Rolling Upgrade can onboard soon (YARN-666).



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From: "Tsz Wo Sze" <szetszwo@yahoo.com>
To: "hdfs dev" <hdfs-dev@hadoop.apache.org>
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 5:41:44 AM
Subject: [VOTE] Merge HDFS-5535 Rolling Upgrade Improvement

Hi hdfs-dev,

We propose merging the HDFS-5535 branch to trunk.

HDFS Rolling Upgrade is a feature to allow upgrading individual HDFS daemons.  In Hadoop
v2, HDFS supports highly-available (HA) namenode services and wire compatibility. These two
capabilities make it feasible to upgrade HDFS without incurring HDFS downtime.  We make such
improvement in the HDFS-5535 branch.

The HDFS-5535 branch is ready to be merged to trunk.  As this being written, there are 48
subtasks in HDFS-5535; 44 subtasks are already completed.  The core developments including
feature development, unit tests and user doc, are already done.  The merge patch posted a
few ago already passed Jenkins.  I will post a updated patch to trigger Jenkins again for
the latest code base.

The remaining JIRAs are:

HDFS-3225: Revist upgrade snapshots, roll back, finalize to enable rolling upgrades (assigned
to Sanjay)
HDFS-6000: Avoid saving namespace when starting rolling upgrade (assigned to Jing)
HDFS-6013: add rollingUpgrade information to  latest UI (assigned to Vinay)
HDFS-6016: Update datanode replacement policy to make writes more robust (assigned to Kihwal)

HDFS-6000 will be committed soon.  All other issues are further improvements which can be
done after merge.

The other remaining works are:
- Revise the design doc
- Post a test plan (Haohui is working on it.)
- Execute the manual tests (Haohui and Fengdong will work on it.)

The work was a collective effort of Nathan Roberts, Sanjay Radia, Suresh Srinivas, Kihwal
Lee, Jing Zhao, Arpit Agarwal, Brandon Li, Haohui Mai, Vinayakumar B, Fengdong Yu, Chris Nauroth
and Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze, who have proposed the design, worked on the code, reviewed patches,
tested the features and authored documentation.  We thank everyone that who has gave us valuable
comments and feedback on the feature.

The vote runs for 7 days.  Here is my +1 on the merge.


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