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From Radim Kolar <...@filez.com>
Subject Re: profiling hdfs write path
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2012 04:39:25 GMT

> I'm not saying that the Hadoop process is perfect, far from it, but
> from where I sit (like you I'm a contributor but not yet a committer)
> it seems to be working OK so far for both you and I.
It does not work for me OK. Its way too slow. i got just 2k LOC in 
committed and still floating around patches. That is real and sad result 
of 1/2 year of cooperation. I know that contributor patches are low 
priority in every project, but this is too low priority for me.

> Some things could be better, but the current fairly-conservative process has the benefit
> of keeping trunk in a really sane, safe state.
if you want to keep code in safe state you need:
1. good unit test
2. high unit test coverage
3. clean code
4. documented code
5. good javadoc

>   You've got plenty of successful jiras under your belt, let's just keep on truckin'
and build a better Hadoop.
only successful work was rework of todd patch because it made hbase 
about 30% faster.

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