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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Hadoop OSGi compliant and Apache Karaf features
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 17:44:13 GMT
Hi Steve

My other comments inline:
> Zookeeper would be nice too, as you could bring up a very small cluster

+1, I will tackle that too ;)

> -there are a lot of calls to System.exit() in Hadoop when it isn't
> happy, you need a security manager to catch them and turn them into
> exceptions -and no, the code doesn't expect exceptions everywhere.

I will check if we can trap this. Maybe a modification in the core code 
could do that.

> -There are a lot of assumptions that every service (namenode, datanode,
> etc) is running in its own VM, with its own singletons. They will all
> need their own classloaders, which implies separate OSGi bundles for
> each public service.

We can imagine a kind of "fork" in the OSGi container. On the other 
hand, singletons are per classloader, so we can handle that.

> YARN is even more interesting, as it works by deploying the application
> master (such as the MR engine) on request, picking a suitable node and
> executing the entry point with a classpath (somehow) set up. If you are
> going to work with trunk you will need to address this, the simplest
> tactic being "don't try and run YARN-based services under OSGi, just the
> YARN Resource Manager and Node Managers itself";
> A more advanced options "support OSGi-based YARN services specially",
> would also be good if it could start both Application Masters and their
> container applications themselves (Task Trackers &c), and aided the
> execution of things like actual tasks within the OSGi container (for
> speed).
> If you are looking a production use of this stuff, you'll need to worry
> about loading of the native libraries too. Otherwise this becomes more
> restricted to experimental-small-machine setups.

Thanks for these comments !! I will take care of that in the following 
patches ;)

Thanks again,

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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