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From Eli Collins <...@cloudera.com>
Subject Merging some trunk changes to 23
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 03:52:42 GMT
Hey gang,

I was looking at the difference between hdfs trunk and 23, for the
purpose of looking at what to merge to 23.
Here's a summary of the differences:

1. BR scalability (HDFS-395, HDFS-2477, HDFS-2495, HDFS-2476)
2. BK support (HDFS-234 and related refactoring)
3. Protobuf RPC changes
4. A dozen straight-forward bugs and trivial cleanup
5. Refactorings (HdfsConstants rename, Refactor RPC out of NN, Untangle NN deps)
6. FSEditLog should not writes long and short as UTF8 (HDFS-362)
7. Configurable # low resource/failed vols (HDFS-2430)
8. Test fixes (for the above)

Seems like we should merge these:
#1 - significant improvement, also aids merges of important bug fixes
like HDFS-1765
#3 - once it's completed
#4 - these are no brainers
#5 - needed to aids future merges like HDFS-1623
#7 - good feature, not very intrusive
#8 - required for others

Seems like we can pass on:
#2 - is contrib, should soak
#5 - changes the image format so requires an HDFS upgrade

I'm planning on merging #4, will update target version on jira before
doing so, as they should be uncontroversial, but wanted to see what
Arun and others thought about the other changes.  Reasonable?


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