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Prashant Sharma Hadoop Ctl script. Thu, 29 Dec, 07:16
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-2726) "Exception in createBlockOutputStream" shouldn't delete exception stack trace Thu, 29 Dec, 07:24
Suresh Srinivas (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-2394) Add tests for Namenode active standby states Thu, 29 Dec, 08:27
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-3) processIOError() may cause infinite loop. Thu, 29 Dec, 09:01
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-21) unresponsive namenode because of not finding places to replicate Thu, 29 Dec, 09:15
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-10) DFS logging in NameSystem.pendingTransfer consumes all disk space Thu, 29 Dec, 09:19
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-9) distcp job failed Thu, 29 Dec, 09:21
Sho Shimauchi (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (HDFS-2727) hdfs.c uses deprecated property dfs.block.size Thu, 29 Dec, 09:21
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-5) Check that network topology is updated when new data-nodes are joining the cluster Thu, 29 Dec, 11:27
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-20) fsck <path> -delete doesn't report failures Thu, 29 Dec, 11:41
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-19) Unhandled exceptions in DFSClient Thu, 29 Dec, 11:43
Harsh J (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (HDFS-2728) Remove dfsadmin -printTopology from branch-1 docs since it does not exist Thu, 29 Dec, 11:49
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-22) Help information of refreshNodes does not show how to decomission nodes Thu, 29 Dec, 11:59
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-12) "hadoop dfs -put" does not return nonzero status on failure Thu, 29 Dec, 12:09
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-36) Handling of deprecated dfs.info.bindAddress and dfs.info.port Thu, 29 Dec, 12:27
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-35) Confusing set replication message Thu, 29 Dec, 12:33
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-59) No recovery when trying to replicate on marginal datanode Thu, 29 Dec, 12:35
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-61) Datanode shutdown is called multiple times Thu, 29 Dec, 12:43
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-58) DistributedFileSystem.listPaths with some paths causes directory to be cleared Thu, 29 Dec, 12:47
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-64) delete on dfs hung Thu, 29 Dec, 12:47
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-55) Change all references of dfs to hdfs in configs Thu, 29 Dec, 12:49
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-57) A Datanode's datadir could have lots of blocks in the top-level directory Thu, 29 Dec, 13:13
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-92) if hadoop.tmp.dir is under your dfs.data.dir, HDFS will silently wipe out your "name" directory Thu, 29 Dec, 13:23
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-93) NameNode should not serve up a bad edits log Thu, 29 Dec, 13:25
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-82) recentInvalidateSets in FSNamesystem is not required Thu, 29 Dec, 13:47
Harsh J (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (HDFS-2729) Update BlockManager's comments regarding the invalid block set Thu, 29 Dec, 13:47
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-97) DFS should detect slow links(nodes) and avoid them Thu, 29 Dec, 13:57
Harsh J (Reopened) (JIRA) [jira] [Reopened] (HDFS-97) DFS should detect slow links(nodes) and avoid them Thu, 29 Dec, 13:59
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-102) high cpu usage in ReplicationMonitor thread Thu, 29 Dec, 14:19
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-103) handle return value of globStatus() to be uniform. Thu, 29 Dec, 14:23
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-104) TestInjectionForSimulatedStorage fails once in a while Thu, 29 Dec, 14:29
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-146) Regression: TestInjectionForSimulatedStorage fails with IllegalMonitorStateException Thu, 29 Dec, 14:29
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-44) Unit test failed: TestInjectionForSimulatedStorage Thu, 29 Dec, 14:29
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-105) Streaming task stuck in MapTask$DirectMapOutputCollector.close Thu, 29 Dec, 14:31
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-67) /tmp/hadoop-${user}/dfs/tmp/tmp/client-${long}.tmp is not cleanup correctly Thu, 29 Dec, 14:35
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-47) dead datanodes because of OutOfMemoryError Thu, 29 Dec, 14:57
Harsh J (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-2728) Remove dfsadmin -printTopology from branch-1 docs since it does not exist Thu, 29 Dec, 16:51
Todd Lipcon (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-2714) HA: Fix test cases which use standalone FSNamesystems Fri, 30 Dec, 00:25
Todd Lipcon (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (HDFS-2730) HA: Refactor shared HA-related test code into HATestUtils class Fri, 30 Dec, 00:27
Todd Lipcon (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (HDFS-2692) HA: Bugs related to failover from/into safe-mode Fri, 30 Dec, 00:31
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