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From Abhijit Rao <bza...@gmail.com>
Subject How to locate a block on a data node ?
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 01:21:54 GMT
Hi all,

As we all know, the data node does not store all the block files in the same
directory but instead creates appropriate subdirectories. I am trying to
know how can one get to know this subdirectory name ?

I have a java program that takes a filename and gets the list of blocks that
make up the file and the list of hosts that host each of these blocks. Now I
need to know the subdirectory (if any) where the block is stored on a given

This is my program so far:

class LocateBlocks {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        if(args.length != 1) {
        // filename.
        String fileName = args[0];

        // configuration object.
        Configuration conf = new Configuration();

        // get the DistributedFileSystem object.
        DistributedFileSystem fs = (DistributedFileSystem)
        FileSystem.get(URI.create(fileName), conf);

        // get the corresponding DFSClient object.
        DFSClient client = fs.getClient();

        // get the namenode.
        ClientProtocol nameNode = client.namenode;

        // get file info.
        HdfsFileStatus fStatus = nameNode.getFileInfo(fileName);

        // get file size.
        long fSize = fStatus.getLen();

        // get block location information.
        LocatedBlocks locBlks =

        // get a list of blocks for this file.
        List<LocatedBlock> locBlkList = locBlks.getLocatedBlocks();

        // iterate over the list of blocks.
        for(LocatedBlock lBlk : locBlkList) {

            // get block name.
            Block blk = lBlk.getBlock();
            String blkName = blk.getBlockName();

            // foreach block get the array of hostnames on which the block
            DatanodeInfo[] dNodes = lBlk.getLocations();
            for(DatanodeInfo dNode: dNodes) {
                String hostName = dNode.getHostName();



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