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From Alberich de megres <alberich...@gmail.com>
Subject HDFS Blockreport question
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 09:50:04 GMT
Hi everyone!

sailing throught the hdfs source code that comes with hadoop 0.20.2, i
could not understand how hdfs sends blockreport to nameNode.

As i can see, in
src/hdfs/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/server/datanode/DataNode.java we
create this.namenode interface with RPC.waitForProxy call (wich i
could not understand which class it instantiates, and how it works).

After that, datanode generates block list report (blockListAsLongs)
with data.getBlockReport, and call this.namenode.blockReport(..),
inside namenode.blockReport it calls again namesystem.processReport.
This leads to an update of block lists inside nameserver.

But how it sends over the network this blockreport?

Anyone can point me some light?

thanks for all!
(and sorry for the newbie question)


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