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Suresh Srinivas Description of HDFS metrics Tue, 01 Dec, 00:56
Allen Wittenauer Re: Description of HDFS metrics Tue, 01 Dec, 01:02
Todd Lipcon Re: Description of HDFS metrics Tue, 01 Dec, 01:03
Brian Bockelman Re: Description of HDFS metrics Tue, 01 Dec, 01:04
Arun C Murthy Re: Description of HDFS metrics Tue, 01 Dec, 07:58
Steve Loughran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-798) Exclude second Ant JAR from classpath in hdfs builds Tue, 01 Dec, 15:24
Christian Kunz (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-799) libhdfs needs an API function that calls DetachCurrentThread Tue, 01 Dec, 21:35
Hairong Kuang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-800) The last block of a file under construction may change to the COMPLETE state in response to getAdditionalBlock or completeFileInternal Wed, 02 Dec, 18:02
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-801) Add SureLogic annotations' jar into Ivy and Eclipse configs Wed, 02 Dec, 18:49
Edwin Chan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-802) Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy configuration Wed, 02 Dec, 20:00
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-803) eclipse-files target needs to depend on 'ivy-retrieve-test' Wed, 02 Dec, 21:34
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-802) Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy configuration Wed, 02 Dec, 21:56
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (HDFS-727) bug setting block size hdfsOpenFile Thu, 03 Dec, 00:13
Suresh Srinivas (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-540) TestNameNodeMetrics fails intermittently Thu, 03 Dec, 00:59
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-804) New unit tests for concurrent lease recovery Thu, 03 Dec, 20:15
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-805) TestHDFSCLI has to check if it's running any testcases at all Thu, 03 Dec, 20:21
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-806) Add new unit tests to the 10-mins CI suite Thu, 03 Dec, 21:16
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-807) Move Ivy related build targets from the list of public targets Thu, 03 Dec, 21:18
Allen Wittenauer (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-808) Implement something like PAR2 support? Fri, 04 Dec, 16:44
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-809) Add command line help for -expunge command. Fri, 04 Dec, 21:49
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-810) Number of Under-Replicated Blocks information posted on WebUI is inconsistent with CLI Fsck report. Fri, 04 Dec, 22:09
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-229) Show last checkpoint time on the webUI Fri, 04 Dec, 22:11
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-811) Additional tests(Unit tests & Functional tests) for HDFS-457. Fri, 04 Dec, 23:11
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-812) FSNamesystem#internalReleaseLease will throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException on an empty file's lease recovery Mon, 07 Dec, 18:17
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-794) many tests in a patch verification process are failing without an error code Mon, 07 Dec, 18:23
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-813) Enable the append test in TestReadWhileWriting Tue, 08 Dec, 02:11
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-814) Add an api to get the visible length of a DFSDataInputStream. Tue, 08 Dec, 19:31
Konstantin Shvachko (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-815) FileContext tests fail on Windows Wed, 09 Dec, 01:26
Konstantin Shvachko (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-816) TestLargeDirectoryDelete fails on windows Wed, 09 Dec, 01:58
Eli Collins Re: Post-5107 cross-project commits Wed, 09 Dec, 18:32
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-817) Port FsShell to FileContext Wed, 09 Dec, 18:40
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-818) Refactor FsShell to make commands pluggable Wed, 09 Dec, 18:54
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-819) Disply disk ( volume ) failure of data node in WebUI. Wed, 09 Dec, 19:34
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-819) Display disk ( volume ) failure of data node in WebUI. Wed, 09 Dec, 19:36
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-820) CLONE -Add unit tests framework (Mockito) Wed, 09 Dec, 21:07
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-821) Garbage collect datanode tmp dirs Thu, 10 Dec, 00:05
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-822) Appends to already-finalized blocks can rename across volumes Thu, 10 Dec, 00:50
Jakob Homan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-823) In Checkpointer the getImage servlet is added to public rather than internal servlet list Thu, 10 Dec, 01:20
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-824) Stop lease checker in TestReadWhileWriting Thu, 10 Dec, 01:30
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-825) Build fails to pull latest hadoop-core-* artifacts Thu, 10 Dec, 03:17
Giridharan Kesavan Re: Post-5107 cross-project commits Thu, 10 Dec, 04:56
Eli Collins Re: Post-5107 cross-project commits Thu, 10 Dec, 05:09
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-826) Allow a mechanism for an application to detect that datanode(s) have died in the write pipeline Thu, 10 Dec, 20:55
stack Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Sat, 12 Dec, 23:54
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-827) Additional unit tests for FSDataset Tue, 15 Dec, 01:00
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-828) blocksWritten metric is double-incremented for blocks received via replication Tue, 15 Dec, 01:41
Dhruba Borthakur Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 01:48
stack [VOTE] Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 05:56
Eli Collins Re: [VOTE] Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 07:00
Andrew Purtell Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 07:30
Jean-Daniel Cryans Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 07:53
Lars George Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 08:44
Cosmin Lehene Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 16:59
Cristian Ivascu Re: Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Tue, 15 Dec, 17:08
Boris Shkolnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-830) change build.xml to look at lib's jars before ivy, to allow overwriting ivy's libraries. Tue, 15 Dec, 18:43
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-831) Multiple slf4j bindings cause warnings in HDFS. Tue, 15 Dec, 19:54
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-832) HDFS side of HADOOP-6222. Tue, 15 Dec, 20:02
gary murry (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-833) TestDiskError.testReplicationError fails with locked storage error Tue, 15 Dec, 20:16
gary murry (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-834) TestDiskError.testShutdown fails with port out of range: -1 error Tue, 15 Dec, 20:20
gary murry (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-835) TestDefaultNameNodePort.testGetAddressFromConf fails with an unsupported formate error Tue, 15 Dec, 20:24
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-834) TestDiskError.testShutdown fails with port out of range: -1 error Tue, 15 Dec, 20:30
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-836) Make dot a valid HDFS path? Tue, 15 Dec, 23:29
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-837) TestHDFSCLI failing after HADOOP-6222 Wed, 16 Dec, 03:21
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-812) FSNamesystem#internalReleaseLease throws NullPointerException on a single-block file's lease recovery Wed, 16 Dec, 04:12
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-838) libhdfs causes a segfault due to race condition Wed, 16 Dec, 14:15
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (HDFS-229) Show last checkpoint time on the webUI Wed, 16 Dec, 19:16
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (HDFS-834) TestDiskError.testShutdown fails with port out of range: -1 error Wed, 16 Dec, 20:50
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-839) The NameNode should forward block reports to BackupNode Wed, 16 Dec, 23:45
Jitendra Nath Pandey (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-840) Update File Context tests to use FileContextTestHelper Thu, 17 Dec, 02:15
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-841) error while checkpointing edits log gets ignored Fri, 18 Dec, 00:30
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-795) DFS Write pipeline does not detect defective datanode correctly in some cases (HADOOP-3339) Fri, 18 Dec, 02:00
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-842) Serialize NN edits log as avro records Fri, 18 Dec, 08:33
issei yoshida (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-843) Add HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE support for web servers in datanodes Fri, 18 Dec, 08:59
Tom White (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-844) Log the filename when file locking fails Fri, 18 Dec, 17:28
Owen O'Malley Security design document Fri, 18 Dec, 22:17
stack Re: [VOTE CANCELLED] Commit hdfs-630 to 0.21? Mon, 21 Dec, 00:49
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-845) Balancer documentation should not be in javadoc Mon, 21 Dec, 05:40
stack (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (HDFS-630) In DFSOutputStream.nextBlockOutputStream(), the client can exclude specific datanodes when locating the next block. Mon, 21 Dec, 19:49
Ravi Phulari (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-846) SetSpaceQuota of value 9223372036854775807 does not apply quota. Mon, 21 Dec, 20:35
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-847) Improve fuse_dfs error when server != fs.default.name Tue, 22 Dec, 16:48
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-847) Improve fuse_dfs error when server != fs.default.name Tue, 22 Dec, 18:36
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-848) TestHDFSCLI.refreshServiceAcl failed Tue, 22 Dec, 18:42
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-848) TestHDFSCLI.refreshServiceAcl failed Tue, 22 Dec, 18:50
Hairong Kuang (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-483) Data transfer (aka pipeline) implementation cannot tolerate exceptions Wed, 23 Dec, 00:15
Hairong Kuang (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-264) Better Datanode DiskOutOfSpaceException handling. Wed, 23 Dec, 00:17
Hairong Kuang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-849) .TestFiDataTransferProtocol2#pipeline_Fi_18 sometimes fails Wed, 23 Dec, 01:19
Dmytro Molkov (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-850) Display more memory details on the web ui Wed, 23 Dec, 03:37
Hairong Kuang (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (HDFS-849) TestFiDataTransferProtocol2#pipeline_Fi_18 sometimes fails Wed, 23 Dec, 21:08
Steve Loughran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-852) Balancer shutdown synchronisation could do with a review Thu, 24 Dec, 12:00
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-853) The HDFS webUI should show a metric that summarizes whether the cluster is balanced regarding disk space usage Thu, 24 Dec, 18:22
stefan hdfs-dev@hadoop.apache.org Fri, 25 Dec, 13:22
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-854) Datanode should scan devices in parallel to generate block report Sun, 27 Dec, 07:15
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-855) namenode can save images in parallel to all directories in fs.name.dir Sun, 27 Dec, 08:17
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-856) Hardcoded replication level for new files in fuse-dfs Mon, 28 Dec, 20:11
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-857) Incorrect type for fuse-dfs capacity can cause "df" to return negative values on 32-bit machines Mon, 28 Dec, 20:23
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-858) Incorrect return codes for fuse-dfs Mon, 28 Dec, 23:50
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-859) fuse-dfs utime behavior causes issues with tar Mon, 28 Dec, 23:58
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-860) fuse-dfs truncate behavior causes issues with scp Tue, 29 Dec, 00:20
Brian Bockelman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-861) fuse-dfs does not support O_RDWR Tue, 29 Dec, 00:36
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HDFS-862) Potential NN deadlock in processDistributedUpgradeCommand Tue, 29 Dec, 16:56
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