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From Ping Liu <pingpinga...@gmail.com>
Subject Help on test-patch
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2017 07:36:58 GMT
I have a patch for an Hadoop Jira issue.  I need test the patch.  I am
following TestingPatchTips at https://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/TestPatchTips.

I have difficulty in understanding the command option basedir and

The best example is in Recommended Usage, the last part, where both basedir
and reset-repo are used.

*Recommended Usage*
> In general, the easiest way to use test-patch.sh is to use two repos. One
> repo is used to build patches. The other repo is used to to test them.
> $ git diff --no-prefix trunk > /tmp/1.patch$ dev-support/bin/test-patch --resetrepo
--run-tests --basedir=/test/repo /tmp/1.patch
> This will run the freshly built patch against the tests in a fresh repo.

In above example, my understand is

1. current location $ is the working repo - it contains changes and is
where the patch is created from.

2. dev-support/bin/test-patch is under $, therefore we need get into $ in
order to run test-patch.

3. /test/repo is the clean repo from current trunk.

4. when running test-patch command, patch will be applied to /test/repo.

Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

   --basedir means the repo where the patch will be applied to and test
will be performed on?

  --resetrepo means

   1. basedir (/test/repo) but not the current dir $ is allowed to be
   2. also modified what?  What kind of modification is it?
   3. BTW, is resetrepo a typo for --reset-repo (missing a hyphen)?

Any idea is highly appreciated!


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