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From Simone Leo <simone....@crs4.it>
Subject Pydoop 0.10.0_rc1
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 10:46:00 GMT
Hello everyone,

we're happy to announce that we have just released Pydoop 0.10.0 

The main changes with respect to Pydoop 0.9.0 are listed in the news 
section of the docs:


With respect to 0.10.0-rc1, we have two major improvements:

  * automated build and testing via Travis CI:

  * .deb packages for all supported CDH versions:

Note that this version should work with Hadoop 1.2.1, even though it's 
not explicitly supported yet.

As usual, we're happy to receive your feedback on the forum:


Pydoop is a Python MapReduce and HDFS API for Hadoop, built upon the C++
Pipes and the C libhdfs APIs, that allows to write full-fledged 
MapReduce applications with HDFS access. Pydoop has been maturing nicely 
and is currently in production use at CRS4 as we have a few scientific 
projects that are based on it, including Seal
(http://biodoop-seal.sourceforge.net), Biodoop-BLAST 
(http://biodoop.sourceforge.net/blast), and more yet to be released.


  * download page on sf: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pydoop/files
  * download page on PyPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pydoop
  * git repo: https://github.com/crs4/pydoop

Happy pydooping!

The Pydoop Team

Simone Leo
Data Fusion - Distributed Computing
POLARIS - Building #1
Piscina Manna
I-09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
e-mail: simone.leo@crs4.it

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