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From Jagane Sundar <jag...@sundar.org>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Release plan for Hadoop 2.0.5
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 06:25:07 GMT
+1 (non-binding) for adopting the 'fix bugs and include all changes required for freezing APIs,
but defer invasive feature changes to a follow on release'

(I would like to preface my comments by stating that I have a great deal of respect and admiration
for the folks who created and developed Hadoop to where it is today, and it is definitely
not my intent to declare how Apache Hadoop releases should be made, or to proclaim mastery
of producing a stable Hadoop release)

There is no question that it would be of great value to the Hadoop community to have a stable,
standard Apache Hadoop 2.0 based core. The proposal that Konst is making would take a specific
path to this goal. I agree with Konst in that this is probably the shortest and least risky
path to a stable 2.0.

The advantages as I see it are:
1. Large deployments such as Y! that were instrumental in the amazing product that is Hadoop
may feel comfortable moving to Hadoop 2.0 in calendar 2013 if we take Konst's low risk approach
2. Downstream projects such as HBase will benefit greatly from an API stable 2.0 - the sooner
the better.
3. A stable Hadoop 2.0 with all of its new features will enable Hadoop to maintain its lead
against other competing open source projects such as Cassandra

The disadvantage in deferring HDFS Snapshots, HDFS NFS gateway and Hadoop Windows support
to a follow on release is obvious. I have the utmost respect for the engineers who are actively
developing these complex features - however, it takes time for software to mature.


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From: Konstantin Shvachko [mailto:shv.hadoop@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 12:54 PM
To: general@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: [VOTE] Release plan for Hadoop 2.0.5

Please vote on the following plan for Hadoop release 2.0.5
- bug fixes encountered in current release 2.0.4-alpha
- make all API changes to allow freezing them post 2.0.5
- no new features

As discussed on @dev thread
this will allow to stabilize 2.0 branch in a short and predictable period of time.
This enables a powerful option to have the release tested at Yahoo scale.
The plan is to follow up with 2.1.0 - the stable release.
New features can and should be added on top of the stable release once it is out.

Hadoop by-laws:

"Release Plan
Defines the timetable and actions for a release. The plan also nominates a Release Manager.
Lazy majority of active committers"

assume nomination of a Release Manager with the plan.
It would be really good if Arun continues if this plan is adopted.
We can return to the RM topic if not.

The vote will run for 7 days until next Wed, May 8th.


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