Forgot reducer :)

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From: jamal sasha <>
Date: Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:17 PM
Subject: debugging hadoop streaming programs (first code)

  This is my first attempt to learn the map reduce abstraction.

My problem is as follows
I have a text file as follows:
id 1, id2, date,time,mrps,code,code2
3710100022400,1350219887, 2011-09-10, 12:39:38.000, 99.00, 1, 0 
3710100022400, 5045462785, 2011-09-06, 13:23:00.000, 70.63, 1, 0 

Now what I want is to do is to count the number of transaction happening in every half an hour between 7 am and 11 am.
So here are the  intervals.

7-7:30 ->0
7:30-8 -> 1
So ultimately what I am doing is creating a 2d dictionary 
d[id2][interval] = count_transactions.

My mappers and reducers are attached (sample input also).
The code run just fine if i run via
cat input.txt | python | sort | python

Gives me the output but when i run it on clusters.. it throws an error which is not helpful (basically on the terminal it says job unsuccesful reason NA).
Any suggestion on what am i doing wrong.