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From Simone Leo <simone....@crs4.it>
Subject Pydoop 0.7.0-rc1 released
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:42:07 GMT
Hello everyone,

we're happy to announce that we have just released Pydoop 0.7.0-rc1

The main changes with respect to the previous version are:

  * support for CDH4 (MapReduce v1 only)
  * tested with the latest releases of other supported Hadoop versions
  * simpler build process
  * Pydoop scripts can now accept user-defined configuration parameters
  * new wrapper object makes it easier to interact with the JobConf
  * new hdfs.path functions: isdir, isfile, kind
  * HDFS: support for string description of permission modes in chmod
  * several bug fixes

This is a release candidate.  We're working on binary packages for the 
final release.  As usual, we're happy to receive your feedback on the forum:


Pydoop is a Python MapReduce and HDFS API for Hadoop, built upon the C++
Pipes and the C libhdfs APIs, that allows to write full-fledged 
MapReduce applications with HDFS access. Pydoop has been maturing nicely 
and is currently in production use at CRS4 as we have a few scientific 
projects that are based on it, including Seal
(http://biodoop-seal.sourceforge.net), Biodoop-BLAST 
(http://biodoop.sourceforge.net/blast), and more yet to be released.


  * full release notes: http://pydoop.sourceforge.net/docs/news.html
  * download page on sf: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pydoop/files
  * download page on PyPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pydoop/0.7.0-rc1
  * git repo: 

Happy pydooping!

The Pydoop Team

Simone Leo
Data Fusion - Distributed Computing
POLARIS - Building #1
Piscina Manna
I-09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
e-mail: simone.leo@crs4.it

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