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From Robert Evans <ev...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 0.23.4 release
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 18:19:44 GMT
I rebuilt the package using the same code and uploaded the new .tar.gz and
everything that goes with it to
http://people.apache.org/~bobby/hadoop-0.23.4-candidate-2-try-2/ The only
thing I can think of is that it must have been caused by a bug in my
script that I used to try and build a 64-bit version of the package as
well.  I disabled that because it had other problems.  I don't know if you
want to have me call another vote to try and replace the binary release or
not, but this one has the correct hadoop-auth.jar in it now.

Sorry about that.


On 10/22/12 12:53 PM, "Robert Evans" <evans@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

>Wow that is very odd, I really don't know what happened there.
>It is available through the maven repo at
>p-auth/0.23.4/ but I cannot figure out how it is missing from the tar.gz
>file.  It is in all of the others that I have created.  I will try and
>rebuild it and see if I can figure out what happened.
>Sorry about that,
>On 10/19/12 4:28 PM, "Konstantin Shvachko" <shv.hadoop@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Ok it was not personal. Sorry.
>>On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Konstantin Shvachko
>><shv.hadoop@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Bobby,
>>> This is personal email, not on general.
>>> I was wondering where did the hadoop-auth.jar go in that last release?
>>> Couldn't find it in the binary distro.
>>> I might missed something so will appreciate your comments.
>>> Thanks,
>>> --Konst
>>> On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Robert Evans <evans@yahoo-inc.com>
>>>> From my count we have 5 binding +1 votes and no -1s so it passes.  I
>>>>will upgrade nexus and move the tag to its final value.
>>>> Thanks for the help from everyone.
>>>> On a related note I am happy to say that 0.23.3 has moved to an even
>>>>larger grid at Yahoo!. Today we are now running 0.23.3 on a 3,600 node
>>>>cluster, still with no new issues beyond those we saw on the previous
>>>>2000 node cluster.  There is still some polishing to do, but YARN is
>>>>looking fairly good so far.  Which is great because this cluster has a
>>>>few production jobs running on it :).
>>>> --Bobby
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> From: Robert Evans [mailto:evans@yahoo-inc.com]
>>>> Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 12:12 PM
>>>> To: general@hadoop.apache.org
>>>> Subject: Re: [VOTE] 0.23.4 release
>>>> Thanks for catching that.  There was a bug in my script that I used to
>>>> build everything for the release.  It rebuilt the src tag ball after I
>>>> signed the original.  The contents are the same, but the date/time
>>>> were off.  I uploaded a new version of the offending tar.gz with the
>>>> corresponding signature and mds files.
>>>> Thanks again,
>>>> Bobby
>>>> On 10/8/12 1:51 PM, "Siddharth Seth" <seth.siddharth@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>Bobby, the checksums don't match for hadoop-0.23.4-src.tar.tar.gz.
>>>>>- Sid
>>>>>On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 8:06 AM, Robert Evans <evans@yahoo-inc.com>
>>>>>> Thanks for the help everyone on this.  I have re-spun the release.
>>>>>> can get it at
>>>>>> http://people.apache.org/~bobby/hadoop-0.23.4-candidate-2/
>>>>>> And through the apache maven staging repository.
>>>>>> The only difference is some debugging code removed.  The vote now
>>>>>> until Monday 15th. I am a +1 for the release.
>>>>>> --Bobby Evans
>>>>>> On 10/5/12 2:41 PM, "Robert Evans" <evans@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
>>>>>> >Arun, if you could re-spin it I would be happy to let you.  If
>>>>>> >do it myself on Monday.  My box that is set up to do the builds
>>>>>> >until Monday.  There are some workman fixing some things in my
>>>>>> >weekend.
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >Thanks for your help,
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >Bobby
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >On 10/5/12 1:46 PM, "Arun Murthy" <acm@hortonworks.com>
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >>I think Bobby is OOO, I can re-spin if Thomas can't step
>>>>>> >>
>>>>>> >>Arun
>>>>>> >>
>>>>>> >>Sent from my iPhone
>>>>>> >>
>>>>>> >>On Oct 5, 2012, at 11:44 AM, Owen O'Malley <omalley@apache.org>
>>>>>> >>
>>>>>> >>> Bobby,
>>>>>> >>>  It looks like some debugging code got committed and
rolled into
>>>>>> >>> release. I think we'll need to re-spin the rc after
fixing it,
>>>>>> >>>
>>>>>> >>> Thanks,
>>>>>> >>>   Owen
>>>>>> >

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