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From Konstantin Shvachko <shv.had...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release hadoop-0.22.0-rc0
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 04:02:23 GMT
> Given, the 'feature' regressions in MR (security, operability etc. - http://s.apache.org/critical-0.22.0),
I propose we mark hadoop-0.22.0 as 'alpha' quality too with necessary statutory warnings to
end users to alert them to the differences in terms of missing features. Else, we could land
up confusing users - this has come up before on this list: http://s.apache.org/Go9. Seems

Yes the community can decide to qualify hadoop-0.22.0 as 'alpha'. As
RM I only propose a release candidate, everybody else can evaluate the
quality. We can have a discussion in a separate thread.
Based on my personal experience I would not qualify it as "not yet
ready for serious use".

> On a related note - it would help if you could share your thoughts on the roadmap for
releases off branch-0.22.
> Some questions come to mind, these would help the community (and, of course, end-users)
evaluate current & future releases of the branch:
> # Do you plan to fix security in branch-0.22?
> # Do you plan to _test_ security end-to-end for the whole ecosystem?
> # Do you plan to fix some of the critical operability features such as disk-fail-in-place,
MR tasklogs' handling etc.?
> # Could you share any details on the performance work/benchmarks you've done for 0.22?
How does it compare to hadoop-0.20.2xx for e.g.? Various folks, at different points, have
noticed performance regressions in branch-0.22 - have you checked?
> # Do you have timelines in mind for the above?

These are all good questions Arun. All of these items would improve
the quality of the branch.
Again, I don't see RM's role as a spiritual leader drawing roadmaps
for the community. We all should decide where we want to go with this
and other releases.
I can say for myself that I will be closely working with this branch
for at least some time. And as usually will make sure to merge all
findings into it.
As a discussion topic (for a separate thread) we can consider two
options for upgrading MR in 0.22:
1) To do forward porting of improvements from 1.0.
2) To merge MR-1.0 into branch-0.22 and make it work with HDFS.22

Ideally, it would be more productive to converge under a single
branch, rather than spreading the development resources among multiple
ones. Yet another way is to have a higher level of compatibility
between versions/branches, so that one could mix and match components,
say HDFS.22 + MR.23.
I heard other people thinking along the same lines.


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