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From Eric Baldeschwieler <eri...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release hadoop-0.23.0-rc0
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 23:55:50 GMT
I agree. I'd like to see releases be source first with binary versions provided in parallel
where the RM chooses to provide them. 

On alphas, I think what is important is that we ship alpha releases, so everyone has something
to test and begin integration with. I'd encourage folks to +1 with some flaws, with the expectation
that flaws will be fixed later. 

On names, Alphas should be clearly labeled on the site.  That is critical. Beyond that I don't
think it maters. 

E14 - typing on glass

On Nov 1, 2011, at 4:36 PM, Doug Cutting <cutting@apache.org> wrote:

> On 11/01/2011 03:48 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:
>> -1 This is not a release tarball that folks can vote on, since it
>> contains no source code.  Please cancel this vote and start a new vote
>> on an actual source code tarball.
> Okay, I found source code in 8 embedded jars:
> % find hadoop-0.23.0 -name '*-sources.jar'
> hadoop-0.23.0/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-0.23.0-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/share/hadoop/common/hadoop-common-0.23.0-test-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/share/hadoop/common/hadoop-common-0.23.0-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/share/hadoop/hdfs/hadoop-hdfs-0.23.0-test-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/share/hadoop/hdfs/hadoop-hdfs-0.23.0-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/hadoop-mapreduce-test-0.23.0-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/hadoop-mapreduce-tools-0.23.0-sources.jar
> hadoop-0.23.0/hadoop-mapreduce-0.23.0-sources.jar
> It's awkward at best to build and run tools like RAT on such a release.
> I'd much prefer a tarball that directly includes a buildable
> source-file tree, more-or-less an 'svn export' to vote on.  Folks should
> not primarily evaluate binaries when voting.  The ASF primarily produces
> and publishes source-code so voting artifacts should be optimized for
> evaluation of that.  End-user artifacts should be generated by the
> source code.
> Doug

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