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From Harsh J <ha...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Un-deprecate 'old' MR apis in branch-0.23
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 02:17:52 GMT
I'm +1 as long as the goal is still to eventually transition to a
single, supported API over upcoming releases. We can go over 1:1
guarantees over a JIRA perhaps, to evaluate if any library work still
needs to be done.

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 3:30 AM, Arun C Murthy <acm@hortonworks.com> wrote:
> On Nov 22, 2011, at 2:34 AM, Steve Loughran wrote:
>> On 22/11/11 02:18, Harsh J wrote:
>>> Are gonna be maintaining both APIs forever?
>> That's a key point. Either there are two apis forever or, some time after the new
APIs are both a proper superset of the old APIs (are we there yet?) and the majority of downstream
project have migrated to the new APIs, then the old ones can be removed.
>> And how do you persuade developers to move off the old APIs except through deprecation
> It isn't clear, yet, if the new apis are a proper superset of the old APIs i.e. only
in 0.21 did they come close to completion (added new Cluster apis etc.).
> As a result, with very little exposure, it's hard to mark them as 'stable' yet. Hence,
my proposal to keep the old apis as stable and new one as evolving for hadoop-0.23.
> Furthermore, my personal preference would be to further tweak the new apis along the
lines of https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-1183 before we declare them stable
(that has real benefits for Pig/Hive etc.), but that is some way away.
> Arun

Harsh J

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