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From Scott Carey <sc...@richrelevance.com>
Subject Re: No svn revision corresponding to hadoop-0.23.0-src.tar.gz contents?
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 04:50:56 GMT

On 11/22/11 8:39 PM, "Scott Carey" <scott@richrelevance.com> wrote:

>My experience with Maven differs, see below:
>On 11/22/11 3:40 PM, "Andrew Bayer" <andrew.bayer@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Arun -
>>From my Maven experience, I'd strongly suggest that branch-0.23 should be
>This is standard maven practice ('rename where you came from'), and is
>where I differ.
>IMO the branch should have a stable version, 0.23.x-SNAPSHOT, why decide
>that the next version must be 0.23.1 before the branch is even cut?  Why
>does creating a branch change the contents of where you branched _from_
>rather than where you branch _to_ ?

There is one big reason I like to have my svn path to maven version
relationship stable.

Many developer tools and IDE's require manual intervention if the maven
versions of the products they are sitting on top of change.
Users have to re-import or initialize their IDE's (especially eclipse with
m2e or maven:eclipse).
Why should the act of cutting a branch from trunk affect trunk devs?
Why should the act of cutting a tag or branch from a branch affect devs
working on that branch?
In neither case did the trunk or branch change in any way.  Therefore IMO
the pom should not change either.


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