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From Eric Baldeschwieler <eri...@hortonworks.com>
Subject re: Joe's question 1.x.x vote...
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 07:38:44 GMT
In general terms, I think it is fair to expect that the project progresses, not regresses between
major versions.  That said, major versions are major versions and can change things.  This
would end up being a discussion best had around a particular release / a different vote. 

Certainly 0.23 aims to be a superset of 0.20.2xx.x (aka 1?).

> From: 	Joe Stein <charmalloc@allthingshadoop.com> 
> So, does this mean then any 2.x.x release will have *all* of the features
> of the 1.x.x ?  Anything not in there should be deprecated, right?
> If not, then it is not really linear as most software projects are
> providing versions that have new features on top of the support for
> previous ones.
> I am hard pressed to think of any software release ever where a feature
> that folks want ONLY exists in a previous version. I might be off base here
> as the trunk might represent the ALL of the features in this branch????
> So if 2.x.x will have security, append (and all of the other goodies that
> are in 1.x.x) then it makes sense otherwise it is just as confusing but
> just re-labled.
> Sorry, trying to get a grasp of all of this seems to be moving quickly and
> not sure if the branch / trunk is merging or just being re-labeled for *
> marketing* purposes.
> If I am having confusion then confusion will come further from folks trying
> to get into Hadoop also.  Just saying.
> All of the good work that everyone has done is awesome, just trying to
> understand some straight line path of releases.   This is not a new idea
> and typical of what the software community as a whole expects (speaking for
> the 99%).  If 0.23 trunk release is a representation of the branch release
> 0.20.20X.X with all of the patches there, then fantastic but have not heard
> that mentioned (and honestly it is very hard to keep track).
> any clarity would be helpful, thanx

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