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From Roman Shaposhnik <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Which proposed distro of Hadoop, 0.20.206 or 0.22, will be better for HBase?
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 02:33:23 GMT
Hi Jagane!

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Jagane Sundar <jagane@apache.org> wrote:
> For example, if we had a distro with support for the following features:

At the risk of repeating myself I'd like to point out that even though your
ideal distro my not exist at the moment we, as a community, have all
the tools in place to build/validate/package and release any kind of
Hadoop stack. This is what Project Bigtop aims at solving.

> Such a distro would be an outstanding thing for the Hadoop community. I
> think 0.20.20x is the closest to this, but I am not sure.

Right now we're trying to build a distro as a release of Bigtop 0.2.0 that
could be close to what you need. It is likely to be based on Hadoop 0.22.
You can monitor a progress of our work (which will be slowish this and
next week) over here:

This is a link to the smoke testing that we do to the entire stack of
components based on .22. The number of tests we execute is
rather small at the moment and the cluster is simply a continuous
deployment of our stack on a hadnfull of EC2 nodes, but it is a good
start. And it is totally transparent and open to contributions!

> My ultimate goal is to influence the product managers at Hadoop startups and
> established companies to assign high priorities to these items.

Well, unless one of the big players is willing to chime in and solve your
problems with an existing distribution I think the next best thing is to
approach it as an exercise of building what you want through a community
process. This is not an appropriate list to discuss the details (the Bigtop
mailing list is) but it is for soliciting interested parties (who whould then
migrate to Bigtops mailing list ;-)).  If we can get enough folks willing to
contribute towards the goal that you've outlined -- I'm sure it'll happen
pretty soon (if not -- there's a number of organizations on this list who
would be happy to talk to you about a commercial support contract).

If there's interest -- I'd like to mention that the biggest areas where we
need help at the moment is contributing integration tests to our test
base. Talk to me either on the bigtop mailing list or in private.


P.S. And did I mention Bigtop mailing list? It is:

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