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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: abandoning 22 - was: Content request for 0.20.205 Sustaining Release
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 10:40:12 GMT
On 07/09/11 10:04, Konstantin Shvachko wrote:
> Eric,
> It would take the same amount of resources to fix 0.22 as to merge
> append and security branches aka 0.20.205.
> Although I understand that Hortonworks needs to support its
> customer(s) and is eager to bridge the gap in functionality with its
> competitor(s), I think continuing with 0.20
> a-three-years-old-technology is not the best place to invest
> resources. In the past you advocated for 0.21 and 0.22, both now
> abandoned by your team(s) in favor of enhancing 0.20. It will be sad
> to see this backward/forward porting going on forever, diverging the
> Apache Hadoop project from natural evolutionary process.
> I think 0.22 has all the functionality required to run Hadoop for most
> production tasks. I see enough momentum and involvement in the
> community with 0.22 testing. I think there will be enough resources to
> get it stabilized in near future.

this is interesting.

1. I've been doing some 0.20.x work and hitting bugs that I know have 
been fixed in trunk a while ago but never backported as they were things 
that weren't critical enough to the people using the 20.x branches (i.e 
problems related to my home network, issues w/ embedding the JARs, etc).

This is why I have to disagree with eric14's "age is irrelevant" claim. 
The APIs show their age, so do other quirks. It's just a known set of 
quirks -like WindowsXP is today.

2. 0.23 will take a while to stabilise; a big barrier is that projects 
on top of hadoop need to test it. Bigtop can help here, but it will 
still take time.

3. Where is all maintenance of MR 1.0 code going to go? It can't go in 
trunk or 0.23, as that's on MR2.x. Should all changes to MR1.0 be 
backported to 0.20.x, and new stuff put in there?

Or are we declaring a complete block on all upgrade paths that don't 
involve a migration to 0.23 or staying on the 0.20.x branch -with only a 
subset of fixes and an aging API- available?


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