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From <Milind.Bhandar...@emc.com>
Subject Re: Hadoop 0.22 update
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 19:19:23 GMT
Having talked to various folks in the community about their willingness to
stabilize and use 0.22 and make it production-quality, here is what I

1. Cut a release 0.22.0 without mapreduce-2178 patch, with
hadoop.security.authentication set to simple (I.e. No authentication).
Make sure that MR-2178 is highlighted as known-issue in the top-level dir
(create a KNOWN-ISSUES.txt ?), and carry out a vote.

2. Later, when MR-2178 patch is committed, cut a release for 0.22.1. (I
have heard of folks working on it, but no date commitments yet.)

The reason a 0.22.0 release should happen, IMHO, even without MR-2178, is
that the other components of Hadoop stack (e.g. Pig, hbase, hive etc) will
have a release to test against, and fix any issues for incompatibility.
Also, for folks who do not use kerberos authentication (>90% of the hadoop
users, to my knowledge), it will be a release closest to trunk, with HDFS
appends. Plus, any issues found in the HDFS part of the release would be
directly applicable to the trunk and other future releases. (Not so about
map-reduce, which will undergo major surgery in trunk because of MR-279.)

Thoughts ?

- milind

Milind Bhandarkar
Chief Architect, Greenplum Labs, Data Computing Division, EMC
+1-650-523-3858 (W)
+1-408-666-8483 (M)

On 8/1/11 11:33 PM, "Nigel Daley" <ndaley@mac.com> wrote:

>Quick update on Hadoop 0.22.  Candidate build of 0.22 is still blocked by
>a couple key issues:
>* https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-2178
>* MapReduce build problem in our CI environment
>* HDFS & MapReduce test failures in our CI environment
>A couple people have expressed to me their interest in helping to
>stabilize 0.22.  Any status updates on the above issues?
>Alternatively, we could drop support for security in 0.22 and not fix
>MAPREDUCE-2178.  Thoughts?

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