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From Matt Foley <mfo...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Community Process for 0.20.205 Sustaining Release
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 00:17:38 GMT
Dear all, will hopefully finish the release process soon, and it is time to
start talking about 205.  As Owen mentioned,
I would like to volunteer as the Release Manager for 0.20.2xx, if that is
acceptable to the community.  I would also like
to suggest some process changes.

By continuing to provide sustaining releases of 0.20-security, the community
helps production users until later versions (v22
and v23) reach stability.  At the same time, we certainly do not wish
0.20-security to be viewed as a "trunk"; it is important
that all patches go in trunk first, and only patches of manageable risk and
high value to production users, should go into
the sustaining releases.

The goal of the following is to assure adequate community participation in
the release process, rather than just a bunch of
Jiras followed by last-minute debate in a Vote thread :-)

It seems that the default assumption has been that any patch committed to
0.20-security would go into the next sustaining
release.  In theory, contributors and committers have the opportunity to
comment in the Jiras if they disagreed.  However,
in practice most people don't follow Jiras for patches other than trunk, and
the number of such patches can add up.

So, to start discussion for the 205 release, I propose the following:

1. Let us look at the list of patches applied to 0.20-security so far, since
204 (see attached document).

2. Contributors and production users who want the various patches should
speak up for them, providing information such as
    - Jira number and title
    - Value to production users
    - Risk and Testability

3. If there are other patches desired in 205 that have not yet been
committed to 0.20-security, potential contributors should
also speak up, providing the same information, and opening new Jiras if

Hopefully over the coming week or so we can share all the inputs, and people
will have time to review them and comment.

After the 205 release, I hope we can discuss potential content for 206 in
advance.  Perhaps we can also circulate some
improvements to the Sustaining Release process currently documented in the

Thoughts and feedback welcome,

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