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From Jakob Homan <jgho...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Change bylaws to require 3 binding +1s for branch merge
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 00:11:35 GMT
As discussed in the recent thread on HDFS-1623 branching models, I'd
like to amend the bylaws to provide that branches should get a minimum
of three committer +1s before being merged to trunk.

The rationale:
Feature branches are often created in order that developers can
iterate quickly without the review then commit requirements of trunk.
Branches' commit requirements are determined by the branch maintainer
and in this situation are often set up as commit-then-review.  As
such, there is no way to guarantee that the entire changeset offered
for trunk merge has had a second pair of eyes on it.  Therefore, it is
prudent to give that final merge heightened scrutiny, particularly
since these branches often extensively affect critical parts of the
system.  Requiring three binding +1s does not slow down the branch
development process, but does provide a better chance of catching bugs
before they make their way to trunk.

Specifically, under the Actions subsection, this vote would add a new
bullet item:
* Branch merge: A feature branch that does not require the same
criteria for code to be committed to trunk will require three binding
+1s before being merged into trunk.

The last bylaw change required lazy majority of PMC and ran for 7
days, which I believe would apply to this one as well.  That would
have this vote ending 5pm PST July 18.

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