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From Eric Baldeschwieler <eri...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Thinking about the next hadoop mainline release
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 07:17:56 GMT
Hi Folks,

I'd like to start a conversation on mainline planning and the next release of Apache Hadoop
beyond 0.22.

The Yahoo! Hadoop team has been working hard to complete several big Hadoop projects, including:

- HDFS Federation [HDFS-1052]
 - Already merged into trunk

- Next Generation Map-Reduce [MR-279]
 - Passing most tests now and discussing merging into trunk

- The merging of our previous work on Hadoop with security into mainline [http://yhoo.it/i9Ww8W]
 - This is mostly done, but owen and others are doing a scrub to close out the remaining issues

All of these projects are now reaching a place where we would like to combine them with the
good work already in 0.22 and put out a new apache release, perhaps 0.23.  We think the best
way to accomplish that is to finish the merge in the next few weeks and then cut a release
from trunk.

Yahoo stands ready to help us (the Apache Hadoop Community) turn this new release into a stable
release by running it through its 9 month test and burn in process.  The result of that will
be another stable release such as 0.18, 0.20 or 0.20.203 (hadoop with security).  We have
Yahoo!s support for this substantial investment because this new release will have a great
combination of new features for small and very large sites alike:
 - New Write Pipeline - HBase support [also in 0.21 & 0.22]
 - Federation - Scale up to larger clusters and the ability to experiment with new namenode
 - Next Gen MapReduce - Scaleup, performance improvements, ability to experiment with new
processing frameworks

I think this effort will produce a great new Apache Hadoop release for the community.  I'm
starting this thread to collect feedback and hopefully folks' endorsement for merging in MR-279
and putting together this new release.  Feedback please?



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