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From Suresh Srinivas <sures...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: LimitedPrivate and HBase (thoughts from the build and test world)
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 17:33:15 GMT

> The other lesson from that is the following: in open source, there is no
> such thing as private code.

The goal of InterfaceAudiencme and InterfaceStability is not to prevent some
one from using the code. It merely suggests who the interface is intended
for and its stability.

An interface marked Public and Stable guarantees backward compatibility.
These are intended for every one to use. Changes to these interfaces must be
done extra carefully to ensure this.

One can still use LimitedPrivate/Private or Unstable/Evolving interfaces
outside. But these interfaces can change freely, in non backward compatible
way. The interface might even be deleted in future releases. Any one using
it, do it at their own risk of seeing their code break and having to change
their code as the interface evolves.


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