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From Marcos Ortiz <mlor...@uci.cu>
Subject Hadoop´s Internationalization
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 02:55:22 GMT
Regards to all the list.
I´m looking for a proper way to work on the internationalization of 
Hadoop, but I don´t know if this is a good project
or if this is useful for the community, at least, I think that it would 
be very useful for many people that want to see the messages
of the project in another language, for example, in Spanish.

I would like to work on this, but I don´t know how to start on this. I 
think that a first step is to translate the message of the commands more 
used by administrators and developers of Hadoop: (The Hadoop fs shell, 
for example).

It would be very useful to have on the source code, a directory for 
earch language´s messages, but I don´t know if this could carry out
many changes on the main API.

What do you think about this?

Thanls for your time

Marcos Luís Ortíz Valmaseda
  Software Engineer (UCI)

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