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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Bigtop Proposal
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 12:33:53 GMT
For those people who aren't on the Apache Incubator mailing lists, Tom 
White has proposed "BigTop", which is the tooling to integrate the build 
and testing of the Apache Hadoop technologies, perhaps eventually to 
have coordinated releases.


For this to work, it needs support from all the hadoop-related projects 
in the ASF, and, in an ideal world, integration with those bits from 
outside (JUnit, Jetty) as well as downstream code (Cascading, etc). What 
is key is that the projects it builds and tests will need to care about 
the test failure reports, because BigTop should not be applying any 
patches to private branches of the specific projects (the way Cloudera 
and Ubuntu have done with the Hadoop and Linux source trees, 
respectively). Some kind of synchronized release schedule would be nice 
too, but I view that as a feature creep once the basic set up "build and 
test everything" is done.

This could also be the place to put the functional tests against live 
clusters, tests which could eventually become the definition of 
compatibility that we've discussed before.

For these reasons
  -I think everyone in the Hadoop-* projects dev teams ought to get 
involved, initially in reviewing the proposal, then hopefully on the 
mailing lists.

  -It might make sense for the hadoop, pig, hive, hama, mahout, hbase &c 
committers to all have access to this, so that they can help evolve the 
packaging and functional tests.



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