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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Defining Hadoop Compatibility -revisiting-
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 13:20:49 GMT
On 05/17/2011 07:53 PM, Matthew Foley wrote:
> And this statement of permission in the publicly available FAQ constitutes a license,

> so it is imprecise to say that ASF doesn't license its trademarks. :-)

That's not the way I interpret it.  I believe that a license would be
required to permit a use that might create confusion while the FAQ
provides sample stock phrases that are not thought to create confusion,
i.e., nominal uses.

> The Project Branding page authorizes PMCs to develop their own "Powered by <project>"

> or "<project> Inside" programs.  Has the Hadoop PMC done so?  Is there a web page

> for that?  Our "PoweredBy" page is only a list of companies and products.

There is an open issue to create a distinct "Powered by Hadoop" logo:



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