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From Milind Bhandarkar <mbhandar...@linkedin.com>
Subject blog.hadoop.com
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2011 01:57:53 GMT
Hey Folks,

Back in 2007, when I was part of the Hadoop team at Yahoo, and Hadoop usage had not yet exploded,
I had created hadoop.wordpress.com. Also, the subdomain blog.hadoop.com points to hadoop.wordpress.com.

Despite initial enthusiasm of the small hadoop community (i.e. 8-9 cubicles around my cubicle
:-) then, there were no posts on that blog.

Does anyone want to take it over and create something useful ?

Please let me know. If you have an account on wordpress.com, I can transfer it to you easily.

Or does one need permission from Apache legal folks to do this ?

- milind

P.S. Whois indicates that some one called "Cutting, Doug  dns@lucene.com" owns hadoop.com,
and so blog.hadoop.com pointing to hadoop.wordpress.com is Doug's doing. You will have to
negotiate with him whether after the admin change, the cname still remains :-)

Milind Bhandarkar

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