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From Nigel Daley <nda...@mac.com>
Subject Hadoop 0.22 Release Preparation
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 00:12:53 GMT

Happy New Year!  As Hadoop 0.22 release manager I'd like to start moving towards a release.

There are 2 main lists of issues that I'd like to review with folks.  I propose doing this
on the Hadoop IRC channel, reviewing issues one-on-one with issue assignee (or reporter if
no assignee) at a designated time.  Of course anyone else is free to chime in during the IRC
discussion.  Decisions and rationale will be recorded on the respective Jiras.  The 2 lists

1) All COMMON, HDFS, and MAPREDUCE issues that are currently marked BLOCKER against any release:
The goal is to correctly set FIX VERSION on these issues and try to assign most of these issues.

2) All COMMON, HDFS, and MAPREDUCE issues that are BUGS and CRITICAL against any release:
The goal is to assess whether the issues should be moved to BLOCKER state for Hadoop 0.22

If you have other BUG issues that you believe are blockers but are not in the BLOCKER or CRITICAL
Jira state, then please mark them as such before this review occurs so that they can be evaluated.
 ***I will be removing the 0.22 FIX VERSION for all non-blocker issues before these reviews

As always, test and doc IMPROVEMENTS are always eligible for commit to 0.22.  They should
be marked as BLOCKER with FIX VERSION set to 0.22.  I may downgrade them from BLOCKER once
we have the above reviews complete.

I know this is a volunteer effort, but it doesn't hurt to have some goals.  I'd like to start
the review of these issues early next week and complete the review by Jan 21.  I'd love to
see blockers fixed by Feb 21 and have our first release candidate shortly thereafter.  I'll
try to coordinate test resources closer to that time.

Thoughts on the above?


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