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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Hadoop Security Release off Yahoo! patchset
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 23:49:51 GMT
On 01/17/2011 02:56 PM, Eric Baldeschwieler wrote:
> 1) To doug's point - Yes, absolutely, we want folks to review this.
> The patch is now available.  Lets work together to get it formatted
> as folks like in subversion and reviewed.  Where there are issues,
> let's work to resolve them.  With luck folks will find this work
> consistent and useful.

The question I was addressing was whether to commit the mega-patch 
as-is, or attempt to linearize it into a sequence of patches, one per 
issue addressed by the mega patch.  I believe that, as-is, it is 
probably too big to review as a unit.  I don't see that merely naming 
the changes in it makes it substantially easier to review.  Rather, each 
issue probably needs to be associated with a distinct patch in order to 
permit independent review.

> Backwards compatibility has been a goal, so
> with luck we will not ID regressions.

My point was that, in addition to back-compatibility with prior 0.20 
releases, we must also consider the forward-compatibility of each change 
with 0.21, 0.22 and trunk.

> As todd mentioned earlier
> point, a lot of this work has already been merged into CDH and all of
> it has been reviewed by several apache committers already.

Right, but review must be in public, so that everyone in the community 
has an equal chance to be involved in the development of each change.


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