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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: DISCUSSION: Cut a hadoop-0.20.0-append release from the tip of branch-0.20-append branch?
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 06:16:00 GMT
On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 5:03 PM, Ian Holsman <hadoop@holsman.net> wrote:>
>> Are you counting other than Apache releases?  (I see only 4 here, two
>> of which probably should be removed:
>> http://www.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/apache//hadoop/core/.)
> yes.. I was referring to the external companies who have decided to release their own
version, for their own business purposes. (please don't take that as a negative).

Oh.  I was not counting those at all.

Currently, over in HBase we tell users build and 'trust' your own
Hadoop binary from the tip of what to them probably looks like some
random Hadoop branch OR go get the slick Cloudera pre-builts since
Cloudera's CDH3s have append/sync.  By offering to release a
hadoop-0.20.0-append, I was just trying to make some remiss for a
gaping hole in the Apache Hadoop offering.

>>> Is there a reason why we couldn't create a hadoop 0.20.3 release that has this
patch inside of it, as well as other fixes that have been applied since 0.20.2 (~26 patches)?
Would this be too much effort for you to RM?..
>> ...
> I'm open with adding it, as lack of append/sync could be seen as a bug to some. (yes
i'm playing with words)

My guess is that few would see it the way you do.  Append/sync has had
a long torturous history.  HADOOP-1700, the original append issue, was
originally opened in August 2007.  There have been two
implementations.  The one in branch-0.20-append is the 'deprecated'
implementation; i.e. its not the append that is in Hadoop TRUNK
(though IIUC the 'deprecated' append runs on the largest 'known' HDFS
cluster).  At least once, append was part of a release and then pulled
because it was 'destabilizing'.  It might be hard getting such a
storied, scarred feature in as a 'bug fix'.  If it did go in, the
append/sync is of such a reputation that it might sully the current
good standing hadoop 0.20 branch releases hold.

That said, I'm cavalier and if others are game, I'd be up for running
a 0.20.3 release that included it.

> Thats why I think we should go to 0.22 ASAP and get companies to build their new features
on trunk against that.

Waiting on 0.22 and its adoption is not going to work for HBase.  The
HBase project would be long dead if waiting on 0.22 were the only
option available to us.  In fact we'd be dead already if it wasn't for
the lifeline thrown us by the folks who hooked us up with


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