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From Bjoern Schiessle <bjo...@schiessle.org>
Subject Re: namenode doesn't start after reboot
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 22:05:05 GMT

On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 09:15:41 -0800 Aaron T. Myers wrote:
> All this aside, you really shouldn't have to "safely" stop all the
> Hadoop services when you reboot any of your servers. Hadoop should be
> able to survive a crash of any of the daemons. Any circumstance in
> which Hadoop currently corrupts the edits log or fsimage is a serious
> bug, and should be reported via JIRA.

this is also what I would expect. Nevertheless the last reboot caused the
problem described at the beginning of the thread. During the tests today
I always stopped the Datanode and Namenode by my own which works
flawlessly. To be a little bit more safe I wrote my own stop-script which
stops the datanode and the namenode before shutdown.

best wishes,

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