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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject Re: bringing the codebases back in line
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2010 09:24:49 GMT
On 23.10.10 05:04, Milind A Bhandarkar wrote:
> On Oct 22, 2010, at 6:33 PM, Ian Holsman wrote:
>> I think we should push forward to 0.22 as well.
> "As Well" ? That means there is something else you want to do, right ?
> What is it ?
> You have said in earlier emails that "Yahoo distribution of hadoop not being the same
as apache hadoop trunk will cause 'other' problems".
> Let me ask a yes/no question, based on some of your ambiguous statements in this thread.
> Do you want Yahoo! distribution of Hadoop the same as trunk ?

(You didn't ask me but FWIW) I don't think the Hadoop community can 
mandadate or even should care what a company will put in their 
downstream distributions. After all, this is Apache-licensed code.

Individuals who work on Hadoop and commercial derivatives of Hadoop at 
the same time might be in a different position, but that's basically 
their problem.

Side note: Here at Apache it is common to prefix a statement with "with 
my PMC hat on...", "with my board hat on...", "with my $EMPLOYER hat on...".

So, with my ASF member hat on, I'd say that the Hadoop project is only 
tasked with working on Apache premises (Apache mailing lists, svn, 
wikis, etc). Currently, this community is by far too much concerned with 
what downstream projects are doing with the code. Reason: Currently 
Hadoop looks like a downstream project from others. This is very very 
bad and has to be turned around.
How to get there?
1. Firmly put your Apache contributor head on
2. Integrate all the pending code committers are willing to contribute
3. Release.


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