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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: bringing the codebases back in line
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:47:53 GMT
On 22/10/10 01:51, Eli Collins wrote:

> There are some challenges in contributing packaging up stream:
> - Packaging is typically versioned independently from the project code
> (we share packaging code across project major versions). This is why
> most projects have a separate repository for the packaging, and the
> packaging is done by a distribution.

which is why I proposed a downstream integration project

> - The packaging source shares code across the 10 or so components,
> which is useful since we continuously make the packaging more
> consistent, so hosting the code on any single project repository
> doesn't fit well.

same reason

> - The packaging is Linux specific, we've gotten push back when trying
> to contribute modifications upstream with Linuxisms since Apache
> supports non-Linux platforms (namely Solaris).

I think the apple and oracle Java issues may allow those issues to be 

Again, something in the ASF that's downstream -and which then does the 
testing- would be good.

One thing people don't realise is how much effort goes into good RPM 
packaging -Eli does- but others may not. It is hard work to get right, 
very hard to test things like RPM upgrades of an existing installation, etc.


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