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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: apache commons configuration
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 10:24:16 GMT
On 24/08/10 10:43, Thomas Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> just out of curiosity: Is there any particular reason, why Hadoop projects or
> ZooKeeper do not use apache commons configuration[1]?
> I'm just evaluating it for an internal project. Would you recommend it or not?
> I imagine, that it could help to make projects configurable either via XML or
> INI files. Some people may prefer one or the other.
> [1] http://commons.apache.org/configuration/

Someone's discussed it, I'm against because (a) there's a lot of 
historical configuration stuff in there, (b) ini files are less flexible 
than XML, (c) neither of them are very dynamic. when the NN goes down 
and you want the DNs to reconnect to a different host, how do you do 
that when all data is read at start time?

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