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From Evert Lammerts <Evert.Lamme...@sara.nl>
Subject Hadoop versions & distributions
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 08:12:43 GMT
There are a number of different versions and distributions of Hadoop which,
as far as I understand, all differ from each other. I know that in the
0.20-append branch, files in HDFS can be appended, and that the Y!
distribution (0.20.S) implements security features through Kerberos. And
then there are the 0.20.3 and 0.22.0 branches. And trunk of course, which I
guess is 0.20.2 nowadays? In addition to that there are distributions by
Cloudera(CDH2 / 3beta) and IBM (IDAH).


>From my perspective, setting up a pilot cluster for a small number of users
from different institutes, security (0.20.S) is very attractive - scientists
like the idea of shielding their data and logic from other users. But what
will I miss if I choose Y!'s distribution over all of these other options?




Evert Lammerts

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