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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hadoop Platform
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 12:47:24 GMT
Hemanth Yamijala wrote:
> Renato,
>> I read a while ago that maybe IBM or Yahoo! were going to provide a "cloud"
>> for academic purposes. Does anybody know if those intentions materialised?
>> or if there any other ( free or not so expensive ) platform to test Hadoop
>> jobs??? I mean, obviously there would be several limitations on it, but I
>> don't have access to a cluster and I have some Hadoop jobs I need to test
>> them, so I can prove to my people the power of it (:
>> Thanks in advance.
> Can you check if OpenCirrus (https://opencirrus.org/) can fit your
> bill ? It seems like some one like a faculty member can request access
> by submitting a proposal.

The problem that OpenCirrus and presumably whatever IBM  and Google are 
  doing is that it has to be research; the funding/tax situation doesn't 
let you do "product" or "play"; this is why we can't use those boxes for 
beta-testing Hadoop 0.21 unless we have a dataset and app that really is 
research. The other one is datasets, nobody wants to dedicate PB of 
storage to individual project's datasets, far easier to have shared 
datasets of one form or other.

what OpenCirrus do offer is the ability not just to run MR jobs over a 
cluster but the ability to rededicate a chunk of physical datacentre 
(not virtualised, real machines) to different uses. Which means you need 
a process for allocating machines, getting your research done on them 
etc. It's very biased towards "research of what the future of cloud 
computing" will be, rather than just "some boxes to run MR jobs on". If 
you do have some interesting ideas in that area, and you are at a 
research establishment which is part of the consortium, then yes, try 
and get some of the machines.

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