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From Eli Collins <...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Release plans
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 00:23:52 GMT
On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Doug Cutting <cutting@apache.org> wrote:
> Eli Collins wrote:
>> Maybe we could get 21 behind
>> us and have a separate discussion covering those.
> I'm personally more interested in that discussion than in what's currently
> in the 0.21 branch, but others, like Stack, may reasonably be of the
> opposite persuasion.  So rather than putting one before the other, can we
> pursue both in parallel?

Don't want to hold up the release process, version, compatibility
discussion, or have it hold up work on the 21 release (most 21
blockers are probably trunk blockers so probably not much wasted
effort either way).

>> I was assuming 21 would be another minor release, didn't hear
>> otherwise when it was branched.
> We've never officially had a minor release.  All of our releases have been
> either major or bugfix.  A minor release adds features but does not remove
> any deprecated APIs.  So making 0.21 a minor release would be a change in
> the rules.

Good to know, the versioning scheme (major.minor.point) outlined on
the wiki makes it seem like there's only been minor and point

Can we make a decision on basing 21 on the current branch and if it's
decided that 22 can't remove stuff that was in 20 we'll go back and do
the necessary additions on 21 and trunk? Suspect that decision will
take a lot more back and forth, but needs to conclude before 21 is


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