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From tamagawa <tamag...@osa.att.ne.jp>
Subject Re: about translating Hadoop:The Definitive Guide into chinese one
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2010 02:20:43 GMT

I've done the Japanese translation and it will be available from Oreilly 
Japan soon. I believe it is 'Definitely' helpful.

There is an Oreilly office in china:


I think you can contact them to see if there is a plan for the 
translation and/or you can work as a translator for the book.


(2010/01/10 4:34), Andrew Wang wrote:
> Hi, you guys
> I am interested in Hadoop very much and using it in my current project. I
> find this book, Hadoop:The Definitive Guide, is a useful and practical
> introduction for new coming Hadoop users. As, there are also many
> applications using hadoop here in china, many more people would like to know
> what hadoop is and what it can do and how it works. So, maybe translating
> one technical book about it into chinese will be helpful.
> I am working on with my friend and just finish  for chapter1 and chapter6.
> The most important thing i'd like to know is whether you guys think this
> job/work will be useful or helpful?
> I will appreciate your suggestions very much! Thanks!

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