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From "Abhilaash" <abhilaash_...@tce.edu>
Subject Doubts Regarding Capacity Scheduler's Function
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 14:23:49 GMT


        I have installed hadoop and configured capacity scheduler with
three queues and run three jobs simultaneously,but i found that
the jobs are scheduled only to the default queue and the jobs were
not scheduled to the other queues configured by me.Is there any
more configuration to be done for scheduling of jobs to the user
defined queues?

        I have a basic doubt, whether Capacity scheduler schedules the job
as a whole(say wordcount) or schedules the tasks(maps and reduces
of the job) to the available nodes in the cluster.

        It would be very helpful if someone helps me to clearly understand
the working of the capacity scheduler.

Thanks in Advance.


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