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From Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Edit link on jira.
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 19:01:30 GMT
Hrm, thanks for the feedback. I'll investigate the scheme options with 
Owen/yourself offline.


Doug Cutting wrote:
> Patrick Hunt wrote:
>> Perhaps I misunderstood the scope of this discussion - is it general 
>> Hadoop or specific to some subset of Hadoop projects? Regardless, at 
>> this time the ZooKeeper community would prefer to continue supporting 
>> edits on comments.
> All Hadoop sub-projects currently share a single Jira permission scheme.
> Jira permission schemes are only alterable by Jira-wide administrators I 
> think, and each TLP has only a few of those.  Owen & I are I believe the 
> only Jira-wide admins for the Hadoop TLP.  So it might be impractical to 
> use a custom permission scheme per subproject.
> If the ZooKeeper community wishes, I suppose we might switch ZooKeeper's 
> Jira to the Apache standard permission scheme, which does permit comment 
> editing.
> Doug

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