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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] new subproject: Avro
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 20:48:38 GMT
George Porter wrote:
> One thing that you might consider is adding the ability to add path 
> state to the serialization to better support tracing and instrumentation 
> of the RPC layer with Avro.

Such cross-system tracing would be great, but I think this might best be 
done as part of request and response metadata, rather than made part of 
the user's request and response data.

You and I worked this nearly through for Hadoop's existing RPC:


Unfortunately, that patch stalled awaiting benchmarks, and now is stale. 
  Avro currently specifies a request and response payload format, but 
does not say much about metadata.  In an HTTP-based transport, tracing 
might be done through headers.  As we adapt Hadoop's optimized RPC 
transport to support Avro messages we should probably insert a generic 
metadata layer, analogous to HTTP's headers, to support features such as 


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