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From Johan Oskarsson <jo...@oskarsson.nu>
Subject Hive builds on Hudson - Cobertura or Clover?
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 10:40:50 GMT

I've recently setup nightly builds of Apache Hive on Hudson.
The setup is fairly basic and we'd like to add a code coverage tool to
the build process. The options right now are Cobertura or Clover.

I'm leaning towards Cobertura, since that's what I have used before and
it is free for anyone to use. Even if Apache have a Clover license I
assume developers can't install that locally. On the other hand it would
make sense to use the same software as Hadoop does.

I am a bit curious about the Cobertura license though,
It seems the software is GPL2 but the Ant tasks Apache v1.1

Would this stop us from installing it on the Hudson machine?



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