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From Yi Zhao <yi.z...@alibaba-inc.com>
Subject how to disperse the data uniformly?
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 13:47:14 GMT
I have two datanode as below:
one namenode below:

when I put a file 600M and a file 20M into dfs, I found that all data is
centralized in one datanode!!

how to disperse all the data to all datanode uniformly?


my hadoop-site.xml is:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="configuration.xsl"?>

<!-- Put site-specific property overrides in this file. -->

		<description>the name of the default file system, either the literal
string "local" or a host:port for DFS.</description>
		<description>the host and port that MapReduce job tracker runs at. if
"local", then jobs are run in-process as a single map and reduce
		<description>a base for other temporary directories.</description>
		<description>determines where on the local filesystem the DFS name
node should store the name table. if this is a comma-delimited list of
directories then the name table is replicated in all of the directories,
for redundancy.</description>
		<description>determines where on the local filesystem on DFS data node
should store its blocks. if this is a comma-delimited list of
directories, then data will be stored in all named directories,
typically on different devices. derectories that do not exist are
		<description>default block replication. the actual number of
replications can be specified when the file is created. the default is
used if replication is not specified in create time</description>

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