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From "Pol, Daniel (BigData)" <daniel....@hpe.com>
Subject HDFS - How to delete orphaned blocks
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:00:07 GMT
Hi !

Is there a way to delete "orphaned" blocks ? I see this happening quite often it I change
the HDFS storage policy and recreate data or if a datanode fails and data on it its "old"
but not old enough. After a few days it goes away by itself but I need a way to manually trigger
it or make it faster. Right now I have to write scripts to detect the orphaned blocks and
delete them manually outside Hadoop or reformat my HDFS.

I get into this situation where 'dfs du' shows not much space in use.
sudo -u hdfs bin/hdfs dfs -du -h /
8.1 G    24.2 G   /app-logs
867      2.5 K    /benchmarks
2.0 G    6.0 G    /mr-history
762      2.2 K    /system
100.4 M  251.2 M  /user

I have nothing in Trash and no Snapshots but my dfsadmin report show TBs of data in DFS used:
Name: (m07dn06)
Hostname: m07dn06
Decommission Status : Normal
Configured Capacity: 108579574620160 (98.75 TB)
DFS Used: 1756550197248 (1.60 TB)
Non DFS Used: 0 (0 B)
DFS Remaining: 106822554660864 (97.15 TB)
DFS Used%: 1.62%
DFS Remaining%: 98.38%
Configured Cache Capacity: 0 (0 B)
Cache Used: 0 (0 B)
Cache Remaining: 0 (0 B)
Cache Used%: 100.00%
Cache Remaining%: 0.00%
Xceivers: 2
Last contact: Fri Mar 24 12:57:07 CDT 2017

Namenode logs show many block reports with invalidatedBlocks:
2017-03-24 12:49:37,625 INFO  BlockStateChange (BlockManager.java:processReport(2354)) - BLOCK*
processReport 0x19c92e070e3c2301: from storage DS-41ba227f-2a3e-45ac-b28c-1504e51d7cc2 node
DatanodeRegistration(, datanodeUuid=5be84f90-ba9c-4c85-94fd-e4d20369c4e4,
infoPort=50075, infoSecurePort=0, ipcPort=8010, storageInfo=lv=-57;cid=CID-ca8849f2-d722-45de-9848-ad50eeeabcf7;nsid=1923307298;c=1487788944154),
blocks: 498, hasStaleStorage: false, processing time: 0 msecs, invalidatedBlocks: 65

Have a nice day,

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