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From Junjie Qian <junjieq...@outlook.com>
Subject HDFS exclude datanodes not working in AddblockRequestProto
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 19:51:14 GMT
Hi list,

I am implementing a datanode failover for writing in HDFS, that HDFS can still write a block
when the first datanode of the block fails.

The design is. First, the failure node would be identified. Second, a new block is requested
by AddblockRequest. The HDFS AddblockRequest api provides excludeNodes, which I used to tell
Namenode not to allocate new block on failed datanodes. failedDatanodes are identified failed
datanodes, and in the logs the failed datanodes are correct. Third, abandon the previous allocated
block and use new block instead.

    req := &hdfs.AddBlockRequestProto{
        Src:           proto.String(bw.src),
        ClientName:    proto.String(bw.clientName),
        ExcludeNodes:  failedDatanodes,

But, the namenode still locates the block to the failed datanodes.
Anyone knows why? Did I miss anything here?

Thank you.
Junjie Qian

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