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From Alexandru Calin <alexandrucali...@gmail.com>
Subject Issues with getting HTrace to work with Hadoop 2.7.3
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2016 15:44:06 GMT

I've successfully used Zipkin with Hadoop Htrace in 2.6.0 x32, on Ubuntu
14.04. Now I want to use it with Hadoop 2.7.3., but I can't even enable
Htrace tracing with this hadoop version. The setup for HTrace in 2.6.0 is
different from 2.7.3, as it can be seen here-2.6.0

In 2.6.0 I'd have this line in the namenode log file :

INFO org.apache.hadoop.tracing.SpanReceiverHost: SpanReceiver
org.htrace.impl.ZipkinSpanReceiver was loaded successfully.

I have nothing like that in 2.7.3 Namenode log file.

Because of not having success with Zipkin, I tried to use the
LocalFileSpanReceiver as described in the online tutorial:


The /var/log/hadoop/ exists, with 777 rights on it, but nothing...

The TracingFsShell example compiles and runs with the following

SpanReceiverHost.get(new HdfsConfiguration(),"");

As it can be found in the source code of hadoop in
the online tutorial does not use that method signature.

The environment is the same for both Hadoop versions, java 1.7. Also,
hadoop is compiled from source, as the Ubuntu 14.04 is x32 bit. Hadoop is
deployed in fully-distributed mode, using lxc containers.


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